Perfume Creators

Creative Team

Our perfumers evolve in their own creative worlds, their originality lies in their ability to reinvent themselves with each composition while bringing their personal touch.

Wishing the perfumery of tomorrow to be more respectful and more virtuous, our perfumers create with their heart and their conscience.


What he particularly likes: Travel, particularly to northern countries like Iceland, pastry-making (he's said to be a very good pastry-maker...), peace and quiet, the countryside, and his native Brittany !
His favorite raw materials: Ambrettolide, the most beautiful musk in her eyes with its blackberry connotations, vibrant notes such as pink berry and black pepper, as well as sandalwood essential oil and immortelle...

“I like to find the link between raw materials so that they work together. As a chemist by training, I have a rather scientific approach to Perfumery, which does not contradict the search for emotions that we expect from Perfume.”

Marie-Caroline SYMARD

What she particularly likes : taking the time of an expresso at a terrace, Africa where she lived for a while, and travelling around the world, or through books, movies, exhibitions, concerts, etc...
Her favorite raw materials: ambroxan, hedione, galbanum and nagarmothaare amongst her very favorites.

“I feel privileged to be a perfumer, I see my job as an endless game : curious by nature, I’m fascinated by the complexity of naturals. I feel that I rediscover a new facet every single day !”

Christine LUCAS

What she particularly likes : contemporary art, trekking in the Calanques every weekend, cooking (mostly improvised recipes) and watching movies in their original versions in the tiny cinema of her neighborhood.
Her favorite raw materials: rose, the queen of all flowers, and all leafy green notes.

“Creating a fragrance is navigating between limitless creativity,the restrictive & fast-evolving «regulatory framework» and technical basis that require a deep technical expertise. This daily challenge is a creativity-booster to me, which I enjoy to pass-along to the youngest generation of perfumers I am training.”


What she particularly likes: Escape and nature, walking in the mountains, along the seaside or in the air while paragliding. Photography, capturing and immortalizing present moments. Discovering and sharing beautiful experiences with others. Recharging with family by the fireside with a cup of hot chocolate.
His favorite raw materials: Vanilla absolute, Osmanthus, Ambrofix.

“Smells have always been my sanctuary; expressing myself through them has been more of a necessity than a goal. Through my creations, I seek to suspend time and evoke emotions in people –whether it's to comfort, instill confidence, allure, or empower them to allure, because, ultimately, aren't fragrances weapons of massive allure ?“


What he particularly likes : the city of Granada in Spain which reminds him of his Spanish roots, and he got married... and Madonna that he adores !
His favorite raw materials: tonkabean, tuberose, oud wood, and any oriental, middle eastern ingredients.

“I want to take people onboard an emotional journey when they smell my creations. I try to keep my formulae short & simple.I like to believe that this way, they’ll go straight to the heart of the ones wearing them.”


What he particularly likes : Primitive Art (more specifically African tribal art of which he is a fervent collector), and travelling in the most remote places (Bhutan, Yemen, Turkey, India, etc.).
His favorite raw materials: davana, orris, oudh, patchouli, osmanthusto name a few...

“For over 35 years, I’ve put my know-how as a perfumer at the service of the most exceptional raw materials, to create unexpected associations and surprise you with fragrances of high-end quality & strong identities. “

Vincent RICORD

What he particularly likes: Poetry, expression through composition (in perfume, music, painting, and more...) and, above all, the encounters that are the fundamental ingredient of beautiful creations.
His favorite raw materials: I am not loyal to one specific raw material; I love all of them.

“Growing up in a deeply passionate environment and family has instilled in me a profound love for fragrance, for which I consider myself fortunate. When I collaborate with a brand, my approach, as a movie music composer, involves finding the ideal accord fora scene, evoking intense emotions.”


What she particularly likes : the scent of Autumn, foreign languages (she fluently speaks 4 languages), leopard print...and water that she calls “her element”: for astrology, energy, emotions, well being...and inspiration.
Her favorite raw materials: citrus, fir balsam absolute and more generally all balsamic notes, oakmoss, and leather...

“Because of my energetic temper, I aim for movement in my creations. I love the depth, warmth and complexity that sensual and enveloping notes bring. I am also keen on unisex fragrances because I believe there should be no genre attributed to what one likes to wear.”


What he particularly likes : speed-on all type of motored engines-as much as the great quietude of free-diving , American rap music as much as chill-lounge tunes, urban street art as much as a walk in the pine forests along the seaside. In other words, he wants to make the most of everything!
His favorite raw materials: woods, ambery-animalic notes, spices, leather...

As a Junior Perfumer, Jérémywill ensure continuity in the fragrance world. His grand father was a perfumer himself and predicted Jérémywould become a nose the day he was born.
“I’m fascinated by Oriental perfumes, I love their strong & complex structures, blending rich, noble and powerful ingredients. Some of them have a strong power over me, like the scent of leather or spices which take me straight to unforgettable memories in foreign countries I visited.”


What he particularly likes: Nature and the countryside where he grew up and whose memories forged his olfactive memory. The vintage style, our heritage, and disturbing traditional codes.
His favorite raw materials: Blackcurrant notes that bring another dimension to perfumes with acidulous, sparkling and playful facets.

“I am passionate about this profession which combines creativity and technicality where each new project is a challenge that tickles our imagination. I want to create in order tobring joy, happiness –a spark of well-being.”



Perfumers Training

In september 2020, we launched our very own perfumer training program. The purpose was to pass on our companie’s know-how in perfume composition to the younger generation, especially regarding the use of natural raw materials.

This program spreads over 4 years. It is designed and overseen by our teams at TechnicoFlor, so all the essential aspects of the perfumer's profession are studied.

We integrate one student per training cycle, starting with Félix Deschamps, perfumer assistant, who started his training alongside Bertrand Duchauffour in 2018, and will finish his program by the end of 2022.

Legacy is very much valued at TechnicoFlor, naturally, François-Patrick Sabater, Bertrand Duchaufour and myself have been wishing to transmit our perfumer’s know-how to young and passionate people so they can have the possibility to be trained for this wonderful profession.

Maxime Gransart, General Manager of TechnicoFlor Group.