Our Actions

Since 2015
Global & Responsible Sourcing Policy 

« Better Tomorrow® »
our eco-responsible purchasing program

Our responsible tool to measure biodegradability

Participation in the Terralia Pôle P.A.S.S. research group aiming for the elimination of pesticides in natural ingredients

Focus on bio-technologies and renewable raw materials

Since 2012, TechnicoFlor sources patchouli from Indonesia, after offering a fair trade deal to the farmer community of Boné Boné, in Sulawesi.

In 2021, TechnicoFlor will start a new partnership with a community of Madagascar to source fair trade ylang-ylang.

TechnicoFlor is committed with Bien Elevées, Urban Agriculture Association, whose goal is to make Paris greener.

We support their initiative of growing saffron and setting hives on the rooftops of Paris. An “eco-creative” action combining inspiration & biodiversity. 

TechnicoFlor recently commited (2021) to the conservation of an ‘elephant corridor’ in Burkina Faso which leads to the sustainable preservation of local resources, like shea, therefore local biodiversity.